Broad spectrum Biocide for Diesel Fuel

(Sale only to professionals, sale prohibited to individuals)

Broad spectrum for Diesel Fuel decontamination and Injection protection.

Added directly to the Diesel fuel, BIOCID CONTROL immediately

destroys micro-organisms.

Regular use of BIOCID CONTROL reliably prevents further Diesel Fuel contamination. Already, contaminated Diesel Fuel can be sanitized with a shock treatment of BIOCID CONTROL.

Your benefits :

➔ Essential for the stability of the diesel fuel

➔ Quickly kills ALL GERMS (bacteria, yeasts, fungi, molds)

➔ Limits the formation of sludge in diesel and biofuels.

➔ Long-lasting economic protection for storage, tanks and motors.

➔ Effective corrosion protection (engine feed and injection circuits).

➔ Limits fuel degradation, preserves cetane index, decreases water content.